Bio-Filtration Pressurised & Canister Pond Filters 
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Bio-Filtration Pressurised & Canister Pond Filters



New to the PondMate range, the pressurised EPF Series feature an innovative backwash system for suck-in waster auto-removal. Experience cleaner water with PondMate pond filters. Recommended for large ponds high volume turnover up to 18,000 Litres per hour

  • Easy operation
  • Viewable pressure-alarm indicator for timely reminding of backwashing cleaning & maintenance
  • Innovative backwash system
  • Optional UV clarifier with superior shatterproof quartz sleeve for better filtration performance
  • Each unit individually wet-tested to guarantee reliable operation


New to the PondMate range, the EF Canister Filters are highly reliable and powerful filtering pumps. They offer good performance, lower power consumption and quiet operation.
Suitable for both fresh and marine water. Recommended for small ponds up to 2,800 litres per hour.

  • Powerful and adjustable flow rate
  • Compact, simple installation and leak proof design
  • Removable inlet/outlet combo for easy cleaning
  • Inlet size is much bigger than outlet size for thorough filtration
  • Mechanical, chemical and biological filtration process for maximizing water purification while reproducing beneficial nitrobacteria
  • A unique button designed to eliminate manual siphoning and to provide quick start convenience
  • Each unit individually wet-tested to guarantee reliable operation
For application and sizing open the PDF below
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Price (each):
Pressurised PM13500PF.  $386.00 
Pressurised PM13500PUF,UV option.  $492.00 
Canister PM2800EF.  $390.00 
Canister PM2800EFU, UV option.  $468.00 

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