Submersable DWP Dirty Water Pumps 
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Submersable DWP Dirty Water Pumps


Powerful water pumps designed to move large amounts of water ideal for large waterfalls and general water circulation and filtration applications.

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Price (each):
PM6000DWP, 150watts, 6000Litres/hr.  $228.00 
PM8000DWP, 200watts, 8000Litres/hr.  $228.00 
PM10000DWP, 250watts,10000Litres/hr.  $344.00 
PM15000DWP, 200watts, 15000Litres/hr.  $344.00 
PM18000DWP, 250watts, 18000Litres/hr.  $344.00 
PM28000DWP, 550watts, 28000Litres/hr.  $406.00 

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Submersable DWP Dirty Water Pumps