Submersible P Circulation Pumps 
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Submersible P Circulation Pumps


The PondMate range of pond pumps represent great value for money and are an excellent option for any pond.

The PondMate Submersible Pond pumps come with a number of hose adapters to fit your application and are built with a sponge pre-filter and flow control so they are suited to any sized pond or water feature. The PondMate 350 & 550 come with a 3m lead and the PondMate 1000 & Higher have a 10m lead and the whole range is also suitable for use outside of the pond or in salt water applications.

The PondMate range of pumps are great quality and come with a 2 Year warranty.

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Price (each):
PM250P, 5watts, 200Litres/hr.  $22.00 
PM350P, 6watts, 350Litres/hr.  $26.00 
PM550P, 10watts, 550Litres/hr.  $29.00 
PM700P, 10.5watts, 610Litres/hr.  $42.00 
PM1000P, 17watts, 1100Litres/hr.  $60.00 
PM1500P, 20watts, 1500Litres/hr.  $69.00 
PM2400P, 40watts, 2300Litres/hr.  $98.00 
PM3500P, 70watts, 4000Litres/hr.  $125.00 
PM4800P, 125watts, 5100Litres/hr.  $150.00 
PM6000P, 145watts, 6200Litres/hr.  $184.00 
PM8500P, 226watts,8200Litres/hr.  $225.00 

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Submersible Circulation Pumps