Submersable FP Fountain Pumps 
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Submersable FP Fountain Pumps


Submersible Fountain Pumps are specifically designed for outdoor use.   They have long, flexible power cables with sheathing appropriate for Australia's outdoors.   They represent the Premium end of the Budget Pump range and include many features you would normally expect only in much more expensive pumps.   As well as incorporating features such as protection from over heating,  they come equiped with fountain heads and 10 metre rubber jacketed power cables as standard.   They can also be operated "In Line" (outside the pond) if required. 
PondMate has a flexible range with a pump for every water feature application and PondMate products all come with a two year warranty. These pumps have an inbuilt filter and come with a complete kit of fountain heads.

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Price (each):
PM700FP, 10.5watts, 610 Ltr/hr.  $52.00 
PM1000FP, 17watts, 1100Ltr/hr.  $70.00 
PM1500FP, 20watts, 1500Litres/hr.  $80.00 
PM2400FP, 40watts, 2300Litres/hr.  $130.00 
PM3500FP, 70watts, 4000Litres/hr.  $152.00 
PM4800FP, 125watts, 5100Litres/hr.  $16,200.00 
PM6000FP, 145watts, 6200Litres/hr.  $204.00 
PM8500FP, 226watts, 8200Litres/hr.  $248.00 

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