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The PondMate range includes low voltage pumps and accessories for garden ponds, fountains and waterfalls

PondMate has a flexible range with a pump for every water feature application and PondMate products all come with a two year warranty.

PondMate water gardens frequently asked questions

Reefe Solar Pond Pumps

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Submersable FP Fountain Pumps

from $52.00

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Submersable PLV Low Voltage Pond Pumps

from $24.50

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Submersible P Circulation Pumps

from $22.00

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Submersable DWP Dirty Water Pumps

from $228.00

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Submersable WF Waterfall Pumps

from $390.00

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Bio-Filtration Pressurised & Canister Pond Filters

from $386.00

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Bio-Filtration UV Clarifers

from $102.00

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Pondmate Pond Net


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Pondmate Water Garden Lights

from $4.60

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