Wren Concertina Foil Batts for Walls 
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Wren Concertina Foil Batts for Walls


  Snipped and stapled between timber studs, do not settle or slump

  Airspace created to allow external sarking foils to function - inner foil emitting 3%      radiation

  Do NOT use R1.5-2.5 batts - contact with foil causes summer heat transfer into      batts and then onto internal walls

  Zero summer heat radiation transfer - multiple aluminium airspaces formed,     similar to thermos flask

  Highest radiation load on second storey western walls

  Total R value, with external foil = brick veneer R2.6,
    weatherboard fibre/c
ement R2.5  (winter and summer)

Price (each):
WIFB1245,2.4Walls 1.2x.45,13.5m2,25pk  $81.70 
WIFB1260,2.4Walls 1.2x.6,18m2,25pk  $108.90 
WIFB13545,2.7Walls 1.35x.45,15.2m2,25p  $91.95 
WIFB13560,2.7Walls 1.35x.6,20.3m2,25pk  $122.50 

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Sizes, Wall area less doors and windows= net area to order