Autex Green Stuff Sound Solution QuietStuf Insulation Batts 
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Autex Green Stuff Sound Solution "QuietStuf" Insulation Batts

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Autex QuietStuf® insulation is made from user-friendly, non-irritant polyester which is dust free and won't cause any skin or other irritations. Unlike some other forms of insulation, QuietStuf® will not deteriorate over time, is unaffected by mould, mildew and rot, and is resistant to vermin and insect attack.

The QuietStuf® range of insulation products deals with the acoustic issues in the commercial and residential markets. All QuietStuf® products provide dramatic sound dampening and reduce ambient noise levels, improving work and living conditions.

The QuietStuf® range of products is designed to reduce reverberated sound, impact noise and noise transmission between rooms, midfloor cavities and external sources. Autex also produce specialised acoustic insulation for air-conditioning ducting.

All Autex insulation products have been through strict testing regimes to comply with all regulatory requirements.

Autex QuietStuf® is a registered trademark of Autex Insulation, a division of Autex Industries Ltd, an ISO9001 certified company.

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Price (each):
R1.5, 1.16x.43x.075, 4.6m2, 8p/pk  $47.19 
R1.5, 1.16x.58x.075, 6.2m2, 8p/pk  $63.78 
R2.0, 1.16x.43x.090, 4.6m2, 8p/pk  $56.71 
R2.0, 1.16x.58x.090, 6.2m2, 8p/pk  $76.48 
R2.5, 1.16x.43x.100, 4.6m2, 8p/pk  $63.04 
R2.5, 1.16x.58x.100, 6.2m2, 8p/pk  $85.08 
R2.5, 1.16x.43x.200, 2.3m2, 4p/pk  $57.51 
R2.5, 1.16x.58x.200, 3.1m2, 4p/pk  $77.54 

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QuietStuf Wall Insulation Sizes 8 batts per pack