Solar Skylights 
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Solar Skylights

Solar Skylights – The Uninterrupted

Solar Powered Skylight Alternative

Our Solar Skylights can be used throughout the home or commercially as solar lighting


Solar Lighting: Bright and Affordable

1. Power from SLW Solar panel to a USPS module and from there to LED panels
2. Wiring harness (3 way splitter)
3. SLW Skylight LED light panel
4. 240 Volt transformer with relay system for night time use
5. Switch for night time use connected to 240 Volts
6. Adjustable frame for SLW solar panel
7. Weather proof connection through roof from SLW solar panel to ceiling space
8. Isolation switch. Turns the LED panel off during the day
9. Each SLW LED light panel has a “driver” which controls the power to each unit
10. Remote dimmer module
11. Remote control (wireless)


 The Solar Light Whiz USPS is an ideal solution throughout the home to illuminate any area of your home. Whether you’re interested in a solar light system to avoid ongoing electricity bills or solar lighting which will significantly brighten your room, the Solar Light Whiz Solar Skylight is a the ideal solution.


Endless Possibilities: From Offices to Households

Solar Light Whiz uninterrupted solar powered skylights are a very versatile product which can be used in a variety of ways. From daylighting being installed in hundreds of homes for developments, to solar lighting installations in office buildings to run throughout the day at $0 running cost. Solar Light Whiz USPS offers solar lighting that comes with a 4 year warranty and solar panels with a 10 year warranty. 


Due to the various combinations and level of light required please contact us so that we can refer you to a trained designer to assess light levels required and the relevant panel(s) required.

Refer to our contact us Page. 

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