Sun Mill Original 
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Sun Mill Original

The Sun Mill Original provides both high flow and high head in a system that is field-maintainable. The Original is built around a philosophy that simple machines can be repaired with simple tools without requiring special skills. The Original is highly customisable with power ratings from 125W to 700W. Figures and pricing shown are for the 125W model - see the chart for performance under different power levels.

Head Flow
10m 12,600L/day
50m 4,900L/day

The Sun Mill Original combines the principles of a traditional windmill with the latest in solar technology. Designed and built in Australia, it addresses the fact that people in remote areas need a pump that is both dependable and easily maintained.

The majority of the Original’s moving parts are above ground and deliberately low tech, making it robust and easy to maintain. Most replacement parts are inexpensive, making its long term cost of ownership very low. Some Originals are now over ten years old, pumping reliably without fuel costs day after day. The Solco Maxi controller accepts a range of solar power input, providing an upgrade path should your water needs change in the future.

 Note prices quoted are for the basic 100 watt solar package to increase to a 700 watt option the price increases to $8544.00 inc GST

Price (each): $5,709.00

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