Sun Mill Aqua 
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Sun Mill Aqua


The Aqua is perfect for low volume requirements like home or hobby farm water supplies. The Aqua uses a small panel on a fixed frame and a polymer submersible pump to create a cost-effective pumping system.

Head Flow
10m 2,800L/day
70m 1,300L/day

The Sun Mill Aqua is a low cost solar pumping system designed for low volume applications without sacrificing pressure.

The polymer submersible pump contains a viton diaphragm, making it suitable for potable water. It is ideal for home applications here less than 4,000 litres per day are required.

The fixed frame solar assembly is easy to install and requires no maintenance.

 Note prices quoted are for the basic 120 watt solar package to increase to a 150 watt option the price increases

Price (each): $2,827.00

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