Solar Pumps

Solar pumps combine solar panels with high-efficiency pumps to deliver surprisingly high quantities of water.

Water pumping is a naturally healthy way to use solar energy: water moved during the day can still be drawn upon when it's dark. Solar pumps also deliver water when it's needed most: on hot, windless days.

Any water source

Whether your water source is a bore, well, river or dam, there is a Solar pump to suit. Our Solar Pumps easily handle brackish water and if the source runs dry automatic protection switches can keep the pump from running dry.

Any flow, any head

Solar pumps can be sized to provide a little or a lot of water. Single systems are capable of handling total dynamic heads of up to 120m (1180kPa or 170psi), and can pump up to 130,000 litres (28,000 gallons) per day. For very large heads or water requirements, or for long pumping distances, a Solar Pump system that combines two or more pumps can be designed to suit.

How it works

Solar panels are mounted on a pole facing the sun. The electricity produced by the solar panels is fed into a motor controller, which drives an electric motor at its optimal speed for the power available. The electric motor drives either a traditional piston pump, a helical rotor positive displacement pump or a multi-stage centrifugal pump, depending on the application. It's that simple.

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