STAND ALONE PV Systems/Wind / RAPS Systems 
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STAND ALONE PV Systems/Wind / RAPS Systems




If you are after a RAPS stand alone system we have one of the best designers and installers in Australia, we can design and install a common sense state of the art system at budget prices, with over 20 years of experience in this specialist area we are confident you will be delighted with our range of solutions and a professional and a completely independant energy outcome.

RAPS (Remote Area Power System) or Stand Alone system. A stand alone solar system uses solar panels and or wind power to charge a large array of batteries which are then used for electrical energy and as a substitute to being connected to a power grid . Stand alone systems are normally only suitable for non-grid connected areas, however in some situations a battery backup system is essential in case of grid power outage. Ask our solar experts about battery backup if your location, home or building requires it.

For people In non-grid connected areas, a stand alone system is a brilliant way to supply power to your house. If you live in an off-grid area where the cost of connecting to the grid is astronomical, speak to our system designers to achieve your ideal renewable power solution call us, the "enter, energy and water saving shop" on 03 9431 0006 today.



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