The New Victorian Government Solar Power Panel Rebate



The New Victorian Government Solar Power Panel Rebate apply today through the “Enter Shop”


In addition to the Federal Rebate the Victorian Government has now made solar panels more affordable than ever before, there is limited funding available for around 24,000 eligible households BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO BE QUICK OR YOU MAY MISS OUT BOOKINGS ARE FILLING FAST. Solar power is safe and reliable and by generating your own solar power, you’ll be reducing your electricity bills. Typical households can save $890 per year on their bills by using solar panels.

From 19 August 2018 to 30 June 2019, eligible Victorian  households will only have to pay 50 per cent of the cost of a solar panel system (this is in addition to the Aust Govt Federal STC's Rebate).

The Package will provide a 50 per cent rebate, up to the value of half of an average 4kW solar panel system (which currently equates to $2,225 according to the Vic Solar Web Site) for eligible households. “Enter Energy and Water”  is a supplier supporter of this program and can arrange a quote for a high quality system and we will manage all the paperwork associated with this rebate for you.


We only sell high quality systems that are battery ready and can inform consumers what the expected timeline is for installation and connection, what manufacturers warranties are provided on each system component, and what system monitoring capabilities are provided by the inverter.


We are approved solar power installers and we sell only accredited products that are well supported by our suppliers with real and long warranties, contact us today to register your interest call us today on 1300 14 14 55 or email us on 


Are you eligible, we are and with this additional rebate you can now afford to purchase a premium quality system that is Battery Ready.

Victorian households are eligible to receive a Solar Panel Rebate if the applicant:

  • has a combined household income of less than $180,000 per annum before tax,
  • is an owner-occupier of a home valued at under $3,000,000,
  • does not already have a solar panel system installed on their property,
  • chooses a Clean Energy Council (CEC) Approved Product and uses a CEC Accredited Installer,
  • has had an eligible solar panel system installed on or after 19 August 2018, and
  • engages an installer who can provide a statement that they have had no significant contravention history, or prosecutions registered with WorkSafe Victoria in the past three years.

How to apply

You can apply for a solar PV rebate in 3 easy steps:
PV apply step 1

Check you can meet the eligibility criteria & apply for an eligibility number.

Timing: Please allow 2–3 weeks*

PV apply step 2

Install your solar system. 

Your system and installation needs to be compliant to receive a rebate.

Timing: Generally, 2-3 months for your system to be installed.

PV apply step 3

Apply for a solar panels (PV) rebate. 

You will need your eligibility number and supporting documentation.

Timing: Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing*

Timing: Please allow 2–3 weeks*

  • is an early adopter of Solar PV looking to replace or expand their system.*

*Early adopters of solar PV, who meet all other eligibility criteria, are able to claim a rebate for a new or expanded system. An early adopter is defined as a solar system that was installed prior to the commencement of the Premium Feed-In Tariff (PFIT) on November 1, 2009. Your Distribution Network Service Provider can confirm that the date on which your solar PV system was connected to the grid was prior to the start of the PFIT. Other than for early adopters, the solar rebate cannot be used to expand an existing solar panel installation.

Not-for-profit community housing providers will also be eligible to apply for a rebate on behalf of their tenants.

If you are unsure about the process, or would like some further information, contact Solar Victoria on 1300 363 744.


 Download Information Brochure PDF: download

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