Mini Whiz Small Building or Room Solar Fans 
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Mini Whiz Small Building or Room Solar Fans






                   SW4104 PANEL SEPERATED with up to 1.5m of wire                                       


                                     SW4103 PANEL BUILT IN

The Mini Whiz ventilation fan is designed for preventing condensation, mould, mildew, musty smells, dampness etc… in smaller areas. The fans are entirely powered by the sun, and operate without any cost. The Mini Whiz is entirely water resistant and move approximately 60 cubic meters an hour!

The Mini Whiz units can ventilate either through extraction or introduction of fresh air—or if multiple units are operated together—a combination of both to generate cross flow ventilation.

The Mini Whiz is available with either an external or internal PV panel.
If you are unable to mount your Mini Whiz in a location with ample sunlight the external panel can be fitted in a different spot to allow for ample sunlight to power the unit.


The Mini Whiz is supplied with a high quality Ni-MH rechargeable battery for day/night operation. There is no wiring, plugs or noise associated with the use of a Mini Whiz; and once installed no running cost whatsoever either. It is 100% Safe and pollution free, water resistant, fully automatic and incorporates on/off switch.

Cross Flow Ventilation

Mini Whiz can also be used for cross flow ventilation of rooms, small cabins  sheds or similar buildings  If multiple Mini Whiz’s are installed on the same building they may be set up so that one or more Mini Whiz units will run to extract the warm/moist air from the area and the other/s to introduce fresh air from the opposite side of the bui


The Mini Whiz is simple to install and is ideal for DIY activities. The fans with integrated PV panels must be installed facing roughly north; or alternatively- if your roof doesn’t face north, the Mini Whiz may also be purchased with an external PV panel to be placed facing north. The Mini Whiz can also be installed on glass surfaces and require nothing more than glass cutters and silicone! The Mini Whiz is also supplied with two fan blades- enabling you to chose the function of your unit by swapping the exhaust blade with the intake blade.


Frame Size: 210 x 240mm

Tube Size: >= Diameter 110mm
Solar Panel: 3.5V
Material: ABS Plastic
Color Available: Black

Price (each):
SW4103, Wall Fan with 60cbm/h with built in PV Panel.  $155.00 
SW4104 Wall Fan with 60cbm/h with separated PV panel, 1.5m cable .  $155.00 

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