Solar Whiz Gable Mounted Solar fans 
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Solar Whiz Gable Mounted Solar fans


Gable Mount is the answer if you do not want to mount the Solar Whiz on the roof.

When the heat extractor is not wanted on the roof, and the roof has a gable end, the Gable Mount model may be the answer.   Installation is a simple matter of making a hole in the cable end, fitting the heat extractor, and the louvred cover.

The Gable Mount model can also be effective for removing large volumes of stale or hot air from big rooms and work spaces.


The Standard Gable Kit will need extras, you need to select which type of thermostat, the fixed thermostat is just off on the adjustable thermostat will have an adjustable temp setting , winter mode, summer mode and on/off, see our prices below

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Price (each):
RAF700G Solar Whiz RAF700 - gable mounted - 10W PV.  $475.00 
RAF900G Solar Whiz RAF900 - gable mounted - 10W PV.  $600.00 
RAF1400G, Solar Whiz Gable mount 20wt Panel.  $670.00 
RAF2100G, Solar Whiz Gable mount 35wt Panel.  $825.00 
FTT, Fixed temp thermostat 30 degrees C.  $50.00 
ATT, Adjustable Temp thermostat.  $75.00 
DUC500ROU Gable Vent Round 22' for Solar Whiz.  $145.00 

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Solar Whiz Gable Fans