Solar Whiz Exhaust Fans 
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Solar Whiz Exhaust Fans



Solar Roof Cooling – House Cooling – Effective Extractor Fan

The simplest and most cost effective way to have solar cooling at home is by installing a solar extractor fan to remove heat from your roof space – i.e house cooling through roof space ventilation.

We have the perfect house cooling solutions

Wide range of Extractor Fans

Solar Whiz has a wide range of extractor fans for solar cooling including Australia’s most powerful roof extractor fan: the SW7000.

Solar Cooling Solutions for Home

The most economical cooling solution for home is to install a solar heat extractor.


The Solar Whiz - More effective than 15 Whirly-Bird roof ventilators

The Solar Whiz is like a super-charged Whirly-Bird. The solar panel powers a fan that active

ly pumps hot air out of your roof 15 times faster than a traditional Whirly-Bird.

The Solar Whiz can significantly reduce your cooling costs by using solar power to activel

y pump the hot air out of your ceiling, replacing it with cooler air.

Amazingly simple and incredibly effective. Don't spend another summer without it!

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Roof extractor fans are most commonly mounted on the roof. However, Solar Whiz also has a range of Gable Mounted heat extractor fans, if it isn’t practical or desirable to mount the e

xtractor fan on the roof to obtain the required house cooling effect.

Roof Space Ventilation





When cooling your roof using a roof extractor fan, the roof exhaust fan extracts warm air from the roof space and cooler replacement air is pulled in – normally through eave vents – or other openings  in the roof space. If your home doesn’t have any eaves – we recommend to use roof cowls for the replacement air. Eave Vent Installation





Replacement air may also be brought in through ceiling vents from the space below. Normally ceiling vents will only be supplying a part of the replacement air, but if (a part of) the inside of the house is particularly hot (e.g. with windows facing the sun or upstairs) – sometimes all the replacement air may be drawn from these areas – simply through the vacuum created in the roof space by the roof extractor (no duct is required). Ceiling Vent Installation


The Solar Whiz currently has in stock three different sized roof ventilation units. (other size by special order)

  • SW-RAF900 – Moves 900 m3/h (Cubic Metres of Air Per Hour)
  • SW-RAF1400 – Moves 1400 m3/h (Cubic Metres of Air Per Hour)
  • SW-RAF2100 – Moves 2100 m3/h (Cubic Metres of Air Per Hour)

Your average whirlybird moves approximately 100 m3/h, so as you can see the Solar Whiz roof ventilation units range from x7 times to x21 times more air flow capacity. 

EACH KIT COMES WITH , Flashing you will need to order the Eave Vents & Adjustable Thermostat (recommended setting 25-30 degrees C) separately.

Solar Whiz Metal Roof Installation Solar Whiz Installation on metal roof


Solar Whiz Tile Roof Installation Solar Whiz Installation on tile roof


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Price (each):
SW-RAF900 RAF900 Solar Whiz RAF900 - roof mounted - 10W PV 24V 10W 900 m3/h.  $650.00 
SW-RAF1400 RAF1400 Solar Whiz RAF1400 - roof mounted - 20W 24V 20W 1400 m3/h.  $745.00 
SW-RAF2100 RAF2100 Solar Whiz RAF2100 - roof mounted - 35W PV 24V 35W 2100 m3/h.  $910.00 
SW-RAF7000 RAF7000 Solar Whiz RAF7000 - roof mounted - 100W PV 24V 100W 7000 m3/h.  $2,335.00 
SW1112 ATT Adjustable Temperature Thermostat (required for each Kit).  $75.00 
DUC300DJ200, 200mm Ceiling vent for room extraction.  $45.00 
SW-Eave Vent, Bushfire Rated, Galv Steel.  $18.00 
Night Operation 24 Volt plug in adapter from 240 V.  $130.00 

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Solar Whiz Exhaust Fans 
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