Solar Lighting Kit 
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Solar Lighting Kit

45W Solar Lighting Kit


Just add a battery and you have a complete solar-powered lighting setup. With 45 watts output, it's enough to run auxiliary lights on a farm shed or holiday house. The three solar panels mount on an angled frame for optimum efficiency and are portable enough to be used on a caravan or motorhome. The charge controller looks after the battery and shows output voltage on an LED display. It also provides over-charge/discharge and overload protection, and includes a variety of output options for running all kinds of devices including a 5V USB port and two 12V cigarette lighter sockets, one of which is dedicated for inverter use. Everything you need is in the kit:3 x 15W amorphous panelsAngled mounting frame for panels2 x 5W fluorescent lightsCharger controllerCables & junction box


• Power output: 15 watts per panel
• Nominal voltage output: 14.5VDC
• Short circuit voltage: 23.5VDC
• Outputs: 3V, 6V, 9V, 12V, 5V USB
• Panel dimensions: 925(L) x 315(W) x 22(D)mm
• Recommended battery capacity: 15 - 45Ah depending on usage.

Code: MP4554
Price (each): $499.00

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