Have ENTER calculate your in Slab Floor Coil design and heatload requirements. 
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Have "ENTER" calculate your in Slab Floor Coil design and heatload requirements.

Architects, Builders, Renovators and Owner Builders, let us do all the hard work when it comes to heat load calculations, zoning and FLOOR COIL layout and Manifold Sizing. 

We have access to the fantastic TIEMME sizing program via our suppliers that will establish accurate heat load and sizing layout location solutions for your proposed building heating. Every structure is different and has independant charactistics we apply these to our program and evaluate the heat loads required in each particular room.
We will calculate a system designed to heat the building to 20-21 degrees internally for worst case conditions.

This will allow you to create a uniform specification and a level playing field when it comes to comparing quotes from different suppliers.

For just $26.50 per circuit without layout drawings we can tell you how many circuits you will require and the heatload of your building.

Once you have sent us your plans we shall come back to you with a quotation for the sizing specification, when you have paid for the sizing specification we shall provide you the heat load and sizing document.

In addition we will provide you our own seperate free quotation for your project that will be at a true "TRADE PRICE" (less 10% on prices listed on our web site)  

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PDF: download
Price (each):
Cost Per circuit without layout drawings.  $20.00 
Boiler/Heat Pump, & Manifold, Recommendation and size.  $32.50 

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Sizing, Layout, Specifications Floor Coil