Case Study Heat Pump Technology


Hydronic Heating and Hot Water using Heat Pumps

Heat pumps have no competitors when it come cost comparisons and paybacks for commercial hot water applications, they are also capable of providing hydronic heating options. In situations where there is no availability to a natural gas supply the use of heat pump technology to provide hot water and hydronic heating makes a lot of sense. Heat pumps are electric systems that draw their solar gain from the atmosphere, the "enter" shop sells many different types of heat pumps and we can design an appropiate system for your particular application.

They operate a bit like a refrigerator in reverse and can provide heating solutions that will be up to 80% cheaper to run than conventional electric and LPG systems and will generally outlast them by two to three product lifetimes.

In this particular project the Commercial Titan 340-17-ACW3-134 Unit was used, this is basically three 340 Litre tanks each with a 1.7 Kw compressor manifolded together.

The units heat a hydronic (hot water via convector radiators) heating system via a stainless steel heat exchanger ( about the size of a house brick, see it fixed to the wall with the back insulated pipes running to it ).

The heating system is a closed system with a small expansion tank, the water in the radiator system never mixes with the water in the heat pumps.

In this particular project the Quantum Titan 1020 Litre commercial unit will put out about about 10-12 Kw of heat when the outside air temperature is down to 5 degrees Celsius from an input of approx 5 Kw of electrical energy.

This would be enough  heat to keep a 180m2 five star or energy efficient home at around 18-20 degrees.

The system can also provide the domestic hot water to the household.

In the summer months two of the three heat pumps can be turned off and rested each season on a rotational basis or maybe the units switch to heating a swimming pool or spa.

These installations should only be designed and installed by accredited professionals.



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