Solar Hydronics



A "Solar Hydronic Heating System " is the potent combination of two very powerful sustainable products a "Photovoltaic Solar System" that makes electricity each time the sun shines and electric "Air Sourced Heat Pumps" that make large volumes of energy efficient hot water taking their energy gain from the heat in our atmosphere and thirdly the traditional "Hydronic Heating" hot water radiators or in floor coil heating systems.


Solar Hydronics is fundamentally using the power generated from sunshine to generate PV electricity and convert these kilowatts of electrical energy created into kilowatts of heat energy which is in turn produced by electric "Heat Pump" hot water units, such that your home's central heating and domestic hot water can be created all year round for a fraction of normal water heating costs. Heat Pump hot water systems are up to 80% cheaper to run than LPG or Electric heaters and up to 50% cheaper than Natural Gas heaters, and convert the solar gain, by absorbing heat from the air rather than needing the sun to be shining brightly. With the rapid increase in natural gas costs, more and more Australian Households are converting their existing homes and building new homes using this "Solar Hydronic" concept. This concept has been adopted by many of this country's leading sustainable Architectural business's and it makes sense with relatively quick paybacks and then substantial on going savings. Some designers mistakenly get the concept wrong and try to use solar hot water panels to generate the hot water, this thermal application has to be massively oversized to heat a normal home and is very costly and quite often will not perform on cloudy cold winter days and not make enough hot water so a conventional gas booster has to do the bulk of the heating and in summer way to much hot water is produced and this becomes a real problem. By utilizing that valuable real estate on your roof to generate free electricity the home owner can create and store valuable kilowatts of heat energy in insulated hot water buffer tanks and when it is cloudy the system can be boosted by the appropriate sized heat pump at up to HALF the cost of natural gas boiler . Of course the electricity generated by the PV solar panels in winter can substantially offset the cost of the power to run the already efficient heats pumps that make the hot water to heat the dwelling and in summer can power electric heat pump aircon cooling systems and also still make the domestic hot water all year round.The "Enter Energy and Water Saving Shop" have been providing "Heat Pumps" for hydronic heating and solar hydronic systems since 2007 and there would now be close to 1000 systems created by us out that there accross Australia that have been providing heating and hot water for their wise energy efficient home owners.


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