Licon OKIOC Wall Mounted Fan Coil Units 
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Licon OKIOC Wall Mounted Fan Coil Units


The ultimate in fan forced wall convectors to provide clean even heat from hot water, these units can be installed using conventional hydronic plumbing or because the internals are copper, these units can also be plumbed into a copper ring main, they can be connected to a ring main with standard copper connections and standard hydronic valves. They have a three speed fan and also when the fan is turned off will naturally convect heat to take the cool edge off a room. To turn off the natural convection simply shut off the regulating valve, heat outputs when the fan is Off but the regulating valve is open are listed below.

Room heat outputs listed below are calculated to achieve a 20 degree room which has been calculated for a heat load on a fan speed set at two (#2).

All heat outputs shown below are for watts  generated for water temperatures of 55-70 degrees (CO 2 heat pumps) and when sized correctly will achieve a room temp of 20 degrees on fan speed setting two (#2), for other sizing information open the PDF below, for gas boilers etc.



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Price (each):
450mm H x 750mm L x 110 W Off 270wts #2 1093wts.  $2,057.00 
450mm H x 1000mm L x 110 W Off 540wts #2 2186wts.  $2,453.00 
450mm H x 1250mm L x 110 W Off 720wts #2 2915wts.  $2,728.00 
450mm H x 1500mm L x 110 W Off 810wts #2 3279wts.  $3,168.00 
450mm H x 1750mm L x 110 W Off 990wts #2 4008wts.  $4,224.00 
450mm H x 2000mm L x 110mm W Off 1170wts #2 4736wts.  $4,521.00 

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