Hydronic Convector Air Forced Fan Coiled Units & Trench Heating

Licon Head


Compact, convector and fan coil models, world class european made units ideal for gas, heat pumps and inverter systems.

Available in many different sizes and versions to satisfy all installation requirements.
Trench, wall mounted or floor mounted type with supporting feet, with bottom or front air intake.
Horizontal ceiling mounted type, with rear or bottom air intake.
Vertical wall recessed types, with top or front air outlet; horizontal ceiling concealed types with front air discharge.
A wide range of options and accessories are available all at great prices.

VCE Wall Mounted Air Forced Fan Coils

from $87.75

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Koraflex Trench Floor convectors FK

from $814.00

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Koraflex Floor convectors FV 11/28 fan forced for heating only.

from $242.00

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Licon OKIOC Wall Mounted Fan Coil Units

from $2,057.00

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Koraline LK Low Line Natural Convectors

from $1,067.00

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