Thermalux Range, 5kW,8kW,16kW & 20kW 
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Thermalux Range, 5kW,8kW,16kW & 20kW

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Our Craftsmen sign the products they have created. Style is important,The Thermalux simple lines will suit all decor. Of all the appliances you buy in a lifetime your Thermalux, we believe, will last the longest and the style of the Thermalux will not date and will suit the changing trends, Thermaiux now have one of the largest ranges of combustion cooking stoves, hydronic central heating cookers and boilers on the Australian market, and offer four attractive colours, golden fire brown, metallic black, moss green and blue.

The Thermalux range offers the largest hotplate and oven size of the major brands and the huge firebox and ash pan gives excellent overnight burn times and provides generous amounts of hot water. Our stoves are specifically made for Australian conditions and fuel types and with top and bottom air Intakes Thermalux are super responsive. With many years of experience our designers and product development people understand the importance of building stoves that are user friendly.

The messy cleaning required on most imported cookers has been eliminated using clever design features developed by experienced service technicians, In fact the simplicity of design cuts cleaning tIme by up to 80%, Low maintentance. with very few and Inexpensive replacements parts and because Thermalux is made In Australia, you do not have to wait while parts come from overseas, and most Importantly Thermalux provide a quality product at a much lower price than imported products.All stoves include a full set of Instructions and operating tools.

THE THERMALUX SUPREME 111(see picture below)

Genuine 2 oven cooker
Huge hotplate and skimmer plate
Hotplate covers standard
Standard cooker with domestic hot water up to 400 Iitres
CD Central heating cooker with 20 kw plus output
Capable of heating a 20 sq home
Splash back option on both models
Dry models available
Glass oven door available
Chrome hotplate cover option


COLOURS: charcoal, metallic blue, goldfire brown, moss green and metallic black. standard prices or upgrade to Sterling Model for Gloss Colours see below 

The Thermalux Supreme is a high quality, two oven, slow combustion cooking stove with the largest hot plate and  oven of any major cooking stove on the market. The original Thermalux Supreme was launched onto the market almost twenty years ago. The Supreme is built to last and is constructed from cast iron, heavy gauge steel and stainless steel components.

Ovens are self cleaning and self venting, and provides even all round oven temperature for perfect baking. The hotplates have space for six or more saucepans. Dual air controls together with flue damper and dilution controls  provide swift response to temperature requirements. The Supreme also comes as a central heating cooker.

The Supreme CD (central heating cooker) has a heat output of 20 kw which gives the CD one of the best heat  outputs of central heating cookers.

The CD has an additional air control which provides for greater combustion.
The Thermalux CD will run 10 to 15 radiators or under floor coil heating to heat up to a 2Osq house.

WLS3 The Thermalux Supreme 111


Genuine 4 oven cooker
Huge hotplate & 2 simmer plates
Removable 250mm round hotplate for a wok
Right hand flue standard (left hand options)
Standard cooker with domestic hot water up to 400 Litres
CD Central heating cooker 16kw plus output
Capable of heating a 16 sq home
Splash back option
Dry model available
Glass oven door available
Chrome hotplate cover option

With this stove Thermalux offers a genuine four (4) oven cooking stove with true Grand Cuisine cooking facilities.

Oven temperatures are independently adjustable, the fire box is large, huge hotplate,two (2) simmer plates and a drop scone of pancake hotplate which can be easily removed to place a wok directly on the flames.

Like all Thermalux the ovens are self cleaning. The Grand Cuisine is the perfect cooker for the serious cook, entertainer or commercial application.

The Grand Cuisine is also available as a central heating cooker with enough hot water production to comfortably   heat a 16 square home.

WLG The Thermalux Grand Cuisine

THE THERMALUX STIRLING SUPREME 111 & GRAND CUISINE (is the delux upgraded nickel chrome and powdercoat painted delux version of Supreme 111 & Grand Cuisine Models)

The "Stirling" version of the Supreme11 & Grand Cuisine styles has all the attributes of the standard Thermalux stoves, but in addition include a highly polished traditional Nickel Chrome stove top and hotplate covers, along with gloss finished doors in a range of attractive designer colours to suit all kitchens, both modern and traditional.

The "Stirling" also includes a shaker grate, two wire and two solid oven trays with the Supreme 111 and four wire and three solid trays with the Grand Cuisine.
Both styles also have an oven baking dish as standard. The option of a glass oven door and / or splashback is also available with the "Stirling".

 The Thermalux Stirling come standard in a gloss powdercoat finish in the colours below pictured above is the stirling supreme style in the smooth cream and the claret colour.




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Price (each):
Thermalux Supreme111, dry or 5kw boiler.  $6,237.00 
Thermalux Supreme 111, 8kw boiler.  $6,699.00 
Thermalux Supreme 111, 20kw Hydronic boiler.  $8,074.00 
Thermalux optional glass to oven door.  $437.80 
Thermalux Grand Cuisine, dry or 5kw boiler.  $9,108.00 
Thermalux Grand Cuisine, 8kw boiler.  $9,570.00 
Thermalux Grand Cuisine, 16kw Hydronic boiler.  $10,285.00 
Thermalux Stirling Supreme111, dry or 5kw boiler.  $7,909.00 
Thermalux Stirling Supreme 111, 8kw boiler.  $8,360.00 
Thermalux Stirling Supreme 111, 20kw Hydronic boiler.  $9,570.00 
Thermalux Stirling optional glass to oven door.  $412.50 
Thermalux Stirling Grand Cuisine, dry or 5kw boiler.  $11,110.00 
Thermalux Stirling Grand Cuisine, 8kw boiler.  $11,539.00 
Thermalux Stirling Grand Cuisine, 16kw Hydronic boiler.  $12,298.00 
Siemans Boiler Pipe Thermostat (with probe) & 25mm sensor Tee.  $242.00 
Splashback, Supreme111.  $379.50 
Splashback, Grand Cuisine.  $495.00 
Splashback Stirling Supreme 111.  $495.00 
Splashback Stirling Grand Cuisine.  $588.50 
Chrome Hot Plate Covers.  $110.00 
Upgrade Grand Cuisine to chrome stove top (Hob).  $852.50 
Gloss colour painted finish for Supreme 111 upgrade.  $1,485.00 
Base Increase and heat shield, Supreme 111.  $297.00 
Base Increase and heat shield, Grand Cuisine.  $327.80 
5kW Stainless Boiler for Grand Cuisine.  $451.00 
Fire Brick Set For Grand Cuisine (5 Bricks).  $312.40 
Refractory Cement 2 Ltr .  $55.00 
Transport Costs to our Melbourne warehouse.  $390.50 
Transport Costs to a nominated Warehouse in Adelaide for Customer to collect.  $583.00 

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