Dream Land Hybrid Solar Air-Conditioner 
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Dream Land Hybrid Solar Air-Conditioner



How does it work?

The hybrid air-conditioner is driven by electricity, using the solar energy as auxiliary power. The two kinds of energy work complementally in accordance with principles of fluid dynamics to energy saving and environment protection.

Firstly, it absorbs solar heat through an evacuated tube type solar collector. The refrigerant from the compressor goes through the copper coils inside the solar collector absorbing heat, which takes part in a cycle inside the system for cooling and heating.

Secondly, the use of of the internal thread pipe, hydrophilic aluminium fin achieves optimal heat exchange, reducing energy loss, improving the overall efficiency and maximizing performance. Therefore, the hybrid solar air conditioner is more efficient in energy-saving than a regular air conditioner.

Thirdly if you have already installed a Solar Power system on your home you will further offset your heating and cooling costs throughout the year. DC


 SUPPLY ONLY PRICES BELOW you may use your own installer or for an Installation quote one of our installers will need to visit your home.

Price (each):
TKF (R) 26GW.  $1,168.75 
TKF (R) 35GW.  $1,306.25 
TKF (R) 60GW.  $1,787.00 
TKF (R) 72GW.  $2,035.00 

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