Drip Kit for Under Turf 
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Drip Kit for Under Turf


Complete Under Turf Drip Kit

If you are looking for a kit to use your greywater under your turf here it is!

The GDRIP4TURF kit has enough drip tube Netafim Bioline AS to irrigate 30 Square Metres of lawn, plus the correct fittings.

  • Comes with Air release valves and filters including a Netafim Tec Filter to prevent root intrusion
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Especially designed drip tube with built-in one way valves to prevent dirt entering the tube.
  • Extra components available for larger areas

Please Note: You must have a minimum operating pressure of 100kpa to operate.

Here are some common questions and answers for Under-Turf Irrigation:

How many metres of dripperline do I need?

A simple calculation to work out how much dripperline is required is to divide the dripperline lateral spacing by the area in m2.

If the area is 80m2 and the driplines are to be installed 0.30m apart,

80m2  / 0.30m = 266m of dripperline

How much water will this 266m of dripperline use?

Assume the flow rate at 100kpa pressure was recorded at 28 L/min.

Assume we are going to use Techline AS 13mm dripperline with 3 L/hour drippers @ 0.30m intervals.

If we require 266m of Techline AS and there are drippers every 0.30m, then 266m / 0.30m = 866 drippers. Each dripper irrigates at 3 L/hour therefore 866 drippers x 3 L/hour = 2598 L/hour.

To calculate this flow rate in minutes we divide the 2598 L/hour by 60 minutes = 43 L/min.

Therfore this 80m2 area will adequately irrigate of one valve.

How long do I set my controller for with drip irrigation?

The application rate of a drip system is calculated by this simple formula,

Dripper flow (L/hour) / (Dripper spacing x Dripperline lateral spacing)

To carry on from the exercise above the calculation goes like this,

  3 L/hour / (0.30m x 0.30m) or 3 / 0.09 = 33 mm/hour.

Therefore if we were to apply a 10mm application we would need a run time of around 18-20 minutes.


Price (each): $550.00

Quantity   for 
Netafim Techline Drip Tube 1.6 litres per hour 400mm Spacing