Reo Sac - 1.5m Wide Kits 
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Reo Sac - 1.5m Wide Kits


The unique mounting plate allows the reo sacTM to naturally expand and contract as it fills and empties while ensuring there is no movement in the pipe work entering and exiting the bladder tank. This is a unique advantage of reo sacTM over all other frameless bladder tanks - i.e. all pipe work is fixed and not under stress and is fully visible and accessible at all times.

The reo sacTM is made from a reinforced potable grade PVC fabric which is accredited to ASNZS4020 for potable water. The reinforcement material used is the strongest possible weave available and it is the woven fabric that provides the strength of reo sacTM.

The unique mounting plate also allows the filling and emptying point to be at the side of the bladder tank so that the maximum amount of storage can be utilised in limited height applications and allowing easy on-going access to the pipe work. It is very important to have the inlet at the side of the bladder and not underneath it, not only so that it is always accessible, but also so that the natural sludge that occurs at the bottom of all rainwater tanks does not get regurgitated through the bladder each time it rains resulting in muddy water.


What is in the box?

The reo sacTM comes packaged with everything you need for the installation.

The box itself has die-cut handles to aid in carrying.

Inside the box is:

· the bladder rolled up in a protective bag to make installation easy

· pre-cut and pre-drilled lengths of framework and legs to support the mounting plate at the end of the bladder

· the mounting plate

· a zip lock bag containing hex screws and brass locking nuts

· a zip lock bag containing 2 ball valves, 100mm length of 100mm pvc pipe, a 100-90mm reducer, a high flow overflow flap valve

· Geo-textile ground sheet cut to size with pre-cut holes to fit over the inlet and outlets

· Installation instructions, warranty, component check list, maintenance and care instructions and a fence sign.

Bladders fill to a maximum height of 600mm (except for 1.1m and 1.3m widths which only fill to 500mm)

How it Works Video

We've created a video to show you how reo sac™ works

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Installation Instructions can be downloaded as a PDF below:

PDF: download
Price (each):
RSK1530, 3m L x 1.5m W, 1900Ltr.  $1,441.00 
RSK1535, 3.5m L x 1.5m W, 2200Ltr.  $1,496.00 
RSK1540, 4m L x 1.5m W, 2500Ltr.  $1,551.00 
RSK1545, 4.5m L x 1.5m W, 2850Ltr.  $1,606.00 
RSK1550, 5m L x 1.5m W, 3150Ltr.  $1,683.00 
RSK1555, 5.5m L x 1.5m W, 3450Ltr.  $1,760.00 
RSK1560, 6m L x 1.5m W, 3800Ltr.  $1,837.00 
RSK1565, 6.5m L x 1.5m W, 4100Ltr.  $1,914.00 
RSK1570, 7m L x 1.5m W, 4400Ltr.  $2,002.00 
RSK1575, 7.5m L x 1.5m W, 4700Ltr.  $2,079.00 
RSK1580, 8m L x 1.5m W, 5050Ltr.  $2,167.00 

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Reo Sac - 1.5m Wide Kits