Tankmasta Rural Tanks 10,000-25,000Ltr 
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Tankmasta Rural Tanks 10,000-25,000Ltr

Because Tankmasta tanks are manufactured and designed to the highest quality and include several features including flexibile filtration and confiuration, Tankmasta water tanks may not be the cheapest at the counter. BUT.. because our Tankmasta water tanks are such high quality, you will save all the extra money you spent and more on installation costs, because...

SAVE $$$No concrete slab, no crushed rock, no sand... No labour expences.. Just drop her down! So when you're considering which water tank is right for your budget, look past the initial price tag, and save money, time and effort with Tankmasta! Tankmasta's tanks offers a handsome design in a range of environmental colours.

NEW! ADP (Angle Dissemination Pivot) Self Support Roof Design

Since the birth of polyethylene water storage tanks, we have been faced with the ongoing issues surrounding larger tanks requiring internal
support poles.

As a part of the new T2 range, all tanks 20,000L and above have been designed with an ADP self supporting roof. That's right... No more poles!


There is a cost for Delivery Victoria, most of NSW and parts of SA



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Price (each):
TA0100, 2345(H)x2500(Dia), 10,000Ltr  $1,974.50 
TA0102, 1685(H)x3080(Dia), 10,200Ltr  $1,974.50 
TA0150, 2385(H)x3080(Dia), 15,000Ltr  $2,414.50 
TA0200, 2470(H)x3580(Dia), 20,000Ltr  $2,854.50 
TA0250, 2960(H)x3580(Dia), 25,000Ltr  $3,506.80 
CFA KIT.  $229.68 

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