Melro Melbourne Rotomould 
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Melro Melbourne Rotomould




Excellent quality tanks at value prices all conform to Australian Standards AS/NZS 4766 Polyethelene Tank Standard. All tanks come with:

1.Bucket Tap.

2.Two x 1" pump outlet ports.

3. Inlet Strainer

4. Overflow Strainer 

 Delivery $90 Melb Metro 


Under Deck Tanks

Under deck tanks work in much the same way as a standard domestic tank. However, without ready access to the top of the tank, they come as a sealed unit without an inlet strainer. For this reason, we strongly advise that you install a low maintenance leaf filter at an accessible point part way up your downpipe to prevent debris from entering your tank. As always, clean water into your tank means you'll get clean water out.

To achieve a water tight seal, the inlet to your tank is a threaded 90mm connection. The overflow works the same way as a standard overflow - surplus water must be allowed to flow freely downward to stormwater. We recommend you fit a mozzie strainer at an accessible point along the overflow pipe for easy removal and cleaning. The outlet of the tank can be connected to your pump or additional tanks using 25mm hose with threaded connectors. Go here to learn more  Under deck tanks

Tanks can be linked provided they are at the same level. Please see our handy guide how to connect multiple tanks for setup tips.

Melro Under Deck Tank


More Info

 2000L Under Deck Tank

  • Capacity - 2000 Litres
    Length - 2750 mm
    Width - 1200 mm
    Height - 720 mm

  •  Slimline Under Deck Kit
    See the
    tank range page or click on sizes below for vertical
    dimensions. Tanks are factory fitted for horizontal installation.


Warranty 10 Years
Price (each):
500L Round 825mm x 1166mm H.  $320.00 
650L Round 700mm x 1850mm H.  $338.00 
800L Round 800mm x 1775mm H.  $354.00 
1000L Round 825mm x 2080mm H.  $365.00 
1600L Round 1100mm x 1893mm H.  $439.00 
2100L Round 1250mm x 1850mm H.  $488.00 
2200 Round 1600mm x 1238mm H (SQUAT).  $639.00 
2500L Round 1250mm x 2195mm H.  $582.00 
3500L Round 1525mm x 2100mm H.  $747.00 
4020L Round 1660mm x 2100mm H.  $796.00 
4500L Round 1250mm x 4005mm H (TALL).  $1,254.00 
5500L Round 2000mm x 2050mm H.  $868.00 
10100L Round 2400mm x 2530mm H.  $1,468.00 
16500L Round 3100mm x 2500mm H.  $2,040.00 
24000L Round 3500mm x 3000mm H.  $2,565.00 
2000L Slimline 895mmW x 1500mmL x 2050mmH.  $1,025.00 
2007L Slimline 912 mm W x 2895 mm L x 1150 mm H (squat).  $856.00 
2008L Slimline 550mmW x 2400mmL x 2150mmH.  $863.00 
3007L Slimline 912 mm W x 2895 mm L x 1650 mm H (squat).  $968.00 
2020L Slimline 640mmW x 2300mmL x 2100mmH.  $839.00 
2030L Slimline 600mm W x 2300mm L x 2010mm H.  $869.00 
2510L Slimline 800mm W x 1900mm L x 2150mm H.  $872.00 
3000L Slimline 800mmW x 2500mmL x 2150mmH.  $1,044.00 
3100L Slimline 775mm W x 2500mm L x 2135 H.  $1,148.00 
4000L Slimline 900mm W x 2750mm L x 2150 H.  $1,407.00 
5000L Slimline 1020mm W x 3100mm L x 2175mm H.  $1,661.00 
Slimline Under Deck Kit, allows tank to be installed on side.  $420.00 
VIC CFA Fire Hose adaptor 50mm bore CFA adaptor only,suits 2' gate Valve.  $88.00 
Fire Hose CFA kit 50mm Bore,Extra 2' outlet (installed), gate valve and CFA adaptor.  $170.00 
VIC CFA Fire Hose adaptor 64mm bore CFA adaptor only, suits 2.5' gate Valve.  $99.00 
Fire Hose CFA kit 64mm Bore, extra 2.5' outlet (installed), gate valve and CFA adaptor.  $268.00 
Fire Hose CFA kit 64mm Bore, 2.5'outlet (not installed), gate valve and CFA adaptor.  $258.00 
Delivery $90 Melb Metro and regional towns.  $90.00 

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