ZEN-INTERCEPTOR Pump Station Controller 
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ZEN-INTERCEPTOR Pump Station Controller

The Zen - Interceptor remotly allow you to fill or top up from one tank to another.

Tank Fill Controller

Simple control provides the means of

controlling an automatic 240V pump used

to transfer storm water from a collection

pit to a storage tank. The system provides

for low voltage cabling between the float switch,

that is situated in the storage tank and the

controller via on IP68 cable connector.

When the storage tank is full the controller

inhibits the pump float switch position and a

tank full light is luminated.

• The control is characterised by:

• IP55 polycarbonate enclosure

• 175mm (l) x 130mm (w) x 80mm (h)

• 1.75 m power cable and three pin plug

• 0.75 m power cable and female three

pin plug for quick connection of the pump

• “Tank Full” indicator light

• Low voltage float switch circuitry

• Rated for pumps up to 8amps

• 5 metre float switch and counter weight

• IP68 cable connector for applications

where the float switch cable requires


• Simple DIY installation


Price (each): $550.00

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