Post/Wall/Stand Mounted Diverters 
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Post/Wall/Stand Mounted Diverters

These water diverters can be mounted on a wall, post or stand, to hold larger volumes. They can be adapted to suit a wide range of applications and will manage single or multiple pipes coming from the roof to divert between 20 and 150L.

For mounting to a wall or post: Includes a galvanised steel mounting bracket and saddle.
For installing on a stand: A galvanised steel stand is an optional alternative to post or wall mounting.


Add the appropriate length of 300mm pipe based on the quantity of water you wish to divert. For example, a 2m length of 300m diameter PVC pipe is required to hold 150L of diverted water. The kit is easy to freight, and the diverter volume can be made on site to match exact requirements.

1. In-feed from the roof; 2. Tee Junction; 3. To the tank; 4. Pipe Bracket; 5. Chamber Inlet; 6. Ball Seat; 7. Sealing Ball; 8. Diverter Chamber; 9. Filter Screen; 10. Wall/Post Bracket; 11. Chamber Outlet; 12. Screw Cap with O’Ring Seal; 13. Flow Control Valve; 14. Hose Connection; 16. Optional Stand

Price (each):
WDPW01 First Flush Water Diverter Kit 300mm  $195.50 
Lead Free PVC Pipe 300mm (per meter)  $69.00 

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Post/Wall mounted Diverter