3P Floating Pump Intake 1 
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3P Floating Pump Intake 1"

For the abstraction of the cleanest rainwater from the storage tank. Connects to suction pipes 1".

  • Floating ball, diameter 15 cm
  • Filter inlet sleeve, mesh width 1.2 mm
  • Check valve, 1"
  • Connection spout 1"

      The 3P Pump Intake floats at all times, suspended just below the water surface where the cleanest water lies. From this position the water is abstracted by the pump. A ball float, filled with air, suspends the intake, which has a further filter and a check valve.


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    3P Floating Pump Intake 1'  $69.00 
    3P Floating Pump Intake 1' with Suction Pipe (2m)  $159.00 

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