Everhard Pump Well 
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Everhard Pump Well


Everhard Polymer Pumpwell

Everhard’s Polymer Pumpwell is the obvious choice for many installations as it is light, easy to handle and work with.

Optional inlets determine capacity - 250L or 450L, accepts 100mm Stormwater UPVC pipe, with rubber rings.


Dimensions: HEIGHT 1200mm x DIAMETER 1110mm

Durable , it is made from UV stabilised high density polyethylene.

  • 82200C – 250L/450L Polymer Pumpwell
  • 82221 - Pump Well Riser
Product last updated 8/8/2019
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Price (each):
82200C – 250L/450L Polymer Pumpwell.  $590.26 
82221 - Pump Well Riser.  $310.83 

Quantity   for 
Everhard Pump Well up to 450 litres