ClayTech Filter Cartridges 
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ClayTech Filter Cartridges


Wound Polypropylene

For the removal of sediments, sand and suspended particles.

  • Max. operating temp. 500c
  • Max. differential pressure 3.5bar

Model and Filtration Rates

  • 9PA1 - 1 micron
  • 9PA5 - 5 micron
  • 9PA10 - 10 micron
  • 9PA20 - 20 micron

Spun Polypropylene

Spun polypropylene reduces dirt, rust, slime and other particulate like solids. Tighter on the inside and looser on the outside its graded density provides extra filtration capacity.

  • Max. operating temp. 460c

Model and Filtration Rates

  • 9SP10 - 10 micron
  • 9SP20 - 20 micron

Pleated Nylon

Filtration and removal of suspended particles, solids and sediments from water.

  • Max. operating temp. 1200c

Model and Filtration Rates

  • 9CE15 - 15 micron

Washable Net

Suggested for drinkable water systems treatment, filtration and removal of sediments, sand, solid suspended particles. They make an ideal prefilter for irrigation systems.

  • Max. operating temp. 40°c

Model and Filtration Rates

  • 9RL60 - 60 micron

Wound Polypropylene
with Activated Carbon Core

Combined filtration of sediments, sand, suspended particles and removal of bad tastes and odours, chlorine and organic contaminants.

  • Max. operating temp. 40°c

Model and Filtration Rates

  • 9CAPA - 20 micron

Activated carbon

Used for bad taste and odour removal, reduction of chlorine and organic contaminants.

  • Max. operating temp. 40°c

Cationic Resin

Cartridge filled with special resin used for nitrate removal from water.

Price (each):
9PA1Poly Wound,1Micron.  $9.58 
9PA5 Poly Wound,5Micron.  $9.58 
9PA10 Poly Wound,10 Micron.  $9.58 
9PA20 Poly Wound, 20 Micron.  $9.58 
9SP10 Spun Poly, 10 Micron.  $10.20 
9SP20 Spun Poly, 20 Micron.  $10.20 
9CE15 Pleated Nylon, 15 Micron.  $20.95 
9RL60 Washable Net.  $29.39 
9CA-PAPoly Wound/Carbon.20 Micron.  $34.39 
9CA Activated Carbon.  $29.39 
9RAN Cationic Resin.  $61.89 

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