Stormwater/ Rain Collection Pit 
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Stormwater/ Rain Collection Pit

   This "Rainwater Pit" is Ideal for collecting your stormwater and pumping it back to a tank thus eliminating all the expenses of re-plumbing lots of seperate down pipes, it filters the water and can be buried almost out of site.      

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Rain Pit 

Below Ground installation

700mm L x 550mm W x 700mm D

Weight 22 Kgs (pump not included)

Internal 50mm PVC barrel pump connection

Hi Flow 100mm Inlet Outlet Ports

400kg rated lid

Submersible Pump selected and supplied seperately, see our suggestions below.

Orange Pumps SUMP PUMPS Vortex

from $308.00

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Orange SP 334 Submersible Rain Pit Pump


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Clay Tech DiverTron Auto Submersible Pump


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You can purchase the Pit completely plumbed with stainless filter screen, pump port and stormwater ports or have your plumber make your's to suite by purchasing the base and locable lid and or collar extension if required.


This is 300mm in Height  (min two extensions per pit) and can be added to the pit if you need to dig it down deeper than normal.

Price (each):
700L x 550W x 700D Rain Pit,(no Pump) Plumbed.  $1,210.00 
G3 Collar UG2030,300mm Pit Extension.  $167.00 
G3 Pit UG2033 Pit base only.  $286.00 
G3 Lockable Lid,UG2305.  $132.00 

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Orange Rain Pit