Rain Harvesting Pump Filters 
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Rain Harvesting Pump Filters


The first system designed specifically for use with rainwater tank systems. Whilst ‘pre-treatment devices’ (such as gutter mesh, rain heads and first flush diverters) are critical to keep leaves, debris and other pollutants out of the rainwater tank, Rain Filters should be installed after the pump to provide extra confidence in your water quality.

If you are purchasing a SANDEN HEAT PUMP and you are on tank water you must filter the water, otherwise you may void the warranty, you will need two filters 

1.Triple Action Filtration System range provides filtration of fine sediments (down to 15 micron), colour and odour in the one cartridge. Ideal for rainwater tanks supplying water for toilets and laundry use. For small to medium houses purchase the 10" WFRW01 and for bigger homes purchase the 20" WFRW02 the cartridge in this filter will need to be replaced about every 12-18 mths


2.Sediment Filtration System 5 " WFRW05 provides filtration of medium sediments and will prolong the life of filter 1 the "Triple Action Filter" sediments (down to 80 micron) and is recommended as a pre filter for homes with rainwater tanks. The cartridge in this filter is washable

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Installed after the pump to provide extra confidence in your water quality
  • Heavy duty filter housings with UV resistant components and rust-proof fittings



Description Code
Rain Filter Systems
Triple Action Filtration System 10″ WFRW01
10″ Replacement Filters WFRW03
Rain Filters Triple Action Filtration System 20″ WFRW02
20″ Replacement Filters WFRW04
Rain Filters Sediment Filtration System 5″ WFRW05
5″ Sediment
Replacment Filter

Price (each):
Triple Action Filtration System 10'#8243; WFRW01.  $149.00 
10'#8243; Replacement Filters WFRW03.  $39.00 
Rain Filters Triple Action Filtration System 20'#8243; WFRW02.  $249.00 
20'#8243; Replacement Filters WFRW04.  $65.00 
Rain Filters Sediment Filtration System 5'#8243; WFRW05.  $99.00 
5'#8243; Sediment Filtration Replacment Filter WFRW06.  $34.00 

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Rain Harvesting Pump Filters