Rain Harvesting Leaf Catcher Rain Head 
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Rain Harvesting Leaf Catcher Rain Head


The versatile multi-screen rain head

The Leaf Catcha® is a versatile leaf and debris catcher with two horizontal internal screens. One is 6mm and the other stainless steel screen is 0.955mm to keep mosquitoes out. The Leaf Catcha® is ideal for low rainfall, low leaf areas and is available in popular colours.

How it works
The Leaf Catcha® collects material in the main body of the rain head, is easily maintained, and is ideal for low leaf, low rainfall environments
Rather than deflect leaves and debris away from the downpipe and onto the ground, the Leaf Catcha® collects material from the gutter in the main body of the rain head. The two horizontal screens prevent leaves and debris from entering the downpipe system to the tank. To clean, simply lift out and empty and replace the rain head.

Code: RHLC01
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