Orange Pumps, Home Systems SJ100-PM 400 Watts 
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Orange Pumps, Home Systems SJ100-PM 400 Watts


The pressure switch turns on pump as soon as you turn on the Tap, if the tank runs dry the pump will stop but will not have to be re-primed manually simply press the reset button as this controller protects the pump against loss of prime, is rated for up to a 45 litre per min capacity , recommended if using a trigger nozzel in the garden as the pre-factory settings will not cause the pump to stop-start. Some installations where ultra small flow is required may require an additional pressure tank. We at enter recommend this pressmatic model for most small domestic house and garden applications.

Orange Pumps-jet,SJ100-PM

Suitable for a small home giving ample water to operate the hotwater service and other appliances.400W 320Kpa 42 Litres per Min, Pump and Pressmatic Controller

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Warranty 3 Yrs
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