ClayTech Inox 250H 1250wt Pump 
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ClayTech Inox 250H 1250wt Pump


The ClayTech Inox 250H uses the highest quality components to deliver water to your house. The pump system will sense when you have opened your house tap and will automatically start the pump. When you close the tap the pump will stop. The benefit of this type of system is that they deliver continual constant pressure. No pressure fluctuations mean’s constant and regular water flow, good for showers. The electronic controller also has loss of prime protection to protect the pump if your rain water tank runs dry.

Power Absorbed (w) 1250

Max Head (m) 60

Stages 5

Max Flow Rate (L/min) 100

Inlet Size (mm) 25.4

Outlet Size (mm) 25.4

Weight (kg) 13.1


Code: Inox 250H

Warranty 2 yrs
Price (each): $855.00

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