Hyjet Pressure Pumps 
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Hyjet Pressure Pumps


HYJET DH Series – Hyjet provides exceptional irrigation solutions with highly functional and reliable pressure pumps for a variety of residential, commercial, rural and urban applications. Hyjet’s DH Series is intended for water supply to your house and garden and consists of 3 different sized pumps to ensure you get the perfect pump for all your irrigation needs. DHJ800 - This sensational 800W pressure pump is designed for water supply to your house and garden, suited to rainwater tank pump sets and a highly efficient means of water transfer. The DHJ800 is suitable for toilet and laundry supply only, not drinking water. Its IP 44 motor is flawlessly built with stainless steel pump housing, with its construction including a stainless steel pump shaft. The popular, powerful and reliable jet and venturi pump style has proven to be the perfect water solution for any number of garden and irrigation setups. Features and benefits of the DHJ800 include:

  • Litres / minute – A whopping 60 L / minute makes this the largest of the Hyjet DH Series
  • Taps – Up to 4 taps can be attached at one time
  • Brass couplings – Those all-important sturdy and durable couplings ensure your pump continues to perform at its optimum
  • Automatic pressure controller – complete with a PC10 automatic controller, this feature comes with all Hyjet DH Series Pressure Pump. Automatic pressure controllers monitor the water flow and, regulating pressure where necessary, to deliver efficient and consistent pressure at all times. This also ensures your pumps longevity!
  • Power input and output: 220 – 240 V input and 800 Watt output
  • Inlet and outlet size: 25 mm
  • Temperature: Capable of withstanding water temperatures up to 35o C
  • Running dry protection – Common issues with pumps that don’t include this often result in irreversible damage to the pump and its components; leaving you with no option but to replace it. Hyjets DH Series includes this protection; when your water source is running low, your DHJ800 will automatically switch off to prevent any damage.

It’s recommended that you familiarise yourself with the Instruction Manual.


  • House & garden water supply
  • Rainwater tank pump set
  • Water transfer


  • Automatic pressure controller (Start & Stop on demand)
  • Run dry protection
  • Suitable for toilet & laundry supply


  • Stainless steel pump housing
  • Noryl volute, impeller & venturi
  • Stainless Steel motor & pump shaft
  • Brass coupling
  • Carbon / Ceramic mechanical seal
  • Motor IP 44
For a pressure pump, that’s up to your domestic irrigation needs, built of the highest quality materials with proven results… order your Hyjet DHJ800 today.


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Price (each):
DHT370 - Hyjet 370 watt 34 l/min Automatic Pressure Pump Brass Turbine Impeller.  $236.50 
DHJ600P - Hyjet 600 watt 45 l/min Automatic Poly Pressure Jet Pump.  $258.50 
DHJ800 - Hyjet 800 watt 60 l/min Automatic Pressure Pump Jet Impeller.  $320.00 

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Hyjet Pressure Pumps DH Series