Hyjet HCM Series Multistage Pumps 
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Hyjet HCM Series Multistage Pumps


Horizontal Multistage Pump Systems

The best value for money on the Australian market today

HCM2-40  |  HCM2-60  |  HCM4-60


  • Household water supply & irrigation
  • Rainwater tank pumpset
  • Water transfer
  • Pressure boosting


  • Automatic pressure controller
  • Run dry protection
  • Quiet operation


  • Stainless steel impellers, chambers & shaft
  • NBR carbon / ceramic mechanical seal
  • IP55 motor
  • Insulation class F
  • Heavy duty brass coupling


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Price (each):
HCM2-40, 4-5 Taps Small Home.  $590.00 
HCM2-60, 4-6 taps Double Story or Medium Home.  $680.00 
HCM4-60, 7-8 taps Large Home.  $890.00 

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Hyjet HCM Series Multistage Pumps