Zenox ZHM-110 Horizontal Multistage Pressure Pump & Controller 
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Zenox ZHM-110 Horizontal Multistage Pressure Pump & Controller


The best value and performed Multistage pumps we have seen on the Australian market to date.

The ZHM-110 is suitable for large homes (single and double story) and gardens up to 10 taps

Zenox ZHM Series - Extended 7 Year Warranty
The Zenox ZHM series multi-stage pumps are covered by a 1 year parts and labour warranty. This parts and labour warranty can be extended by 6 years for only $99.00 inc. GST.
An optional extended warranty card is supplied with each ZHM series multi-stage pump purchased from the Enter Shop

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ZENOX Horizontal Multistage Pressure System Pump

  • High pressure, large flow applications
  • Pressurisation and distribution of water
  • Irrigation and rainwater recovery systems


  • 50 metres max head
  • 130 litres per minute max flow rate
  • 1.1 kW, 240 volt TEFC “quiet” motor suitable for continuous duty
  • 32 mm inlet
  • 25 mm outlet
  • Weight 17.6 kg


  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Stainless steel pump housing
  • Long life bearings
  • Mech seal, graphite - ceramic - NBR
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Quiet running, very reliable and low power consumption
  • Incorporates heavy duty electronic controller with built in pressure gauge
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GWS Pressure Wave Energy Saving Series

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Code: ZHM-110
Price (each):
ZHM-110, for large homes and Gardens.  $1,450.00 
Upgrade Zenox pump to seven year warranty.  $99.00 

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