Zenox ZPS-800 Auto Jet Pump & Press Controller 
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Zenox ZPS-800 Auto Jet Pump & Press Controller


 Zenox ZPS 800 Mark II Pumps can be used for all kinds of general outdoor use. They can be used for purposes such as for connecting to the toilet or to a washing machine. These ZPS pumps are particularly useful in places that require the pumps to operate all the time. Zenox ZPS 800 Mark II Pumps have a 750 watt power. They also come with extended useful features such as auto flow, as well as auto on and off. These pumps come with a stainless steel shaft, an impeller and a pump housing. The bearings of these pumps have a longer life, and they are available with a 2 year warranty.

Zenox pumps have a voltage of 240v/50Hz, while they have a maximum lifting height of 42 m. The maximum delivery with these pumps is 60 litres/minute and their inlet/outlet is 25mm.

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