GUYCO Apex Rain Aid Mains Tank Top Up Valve 
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GUYCO Apex Rain Aid Mains Tank Top Up Valve


Apex have designed an automatic switching device with the rain water tank industry in mind!

The RainAid valve is the ideal way of controlling the backup water source (mains or other) on a rainwater collection tank. It will ensure your rainwater tank never runs completely dry in the event of demand exceeding rainfall (supply).

You can easily set the valve so that it maintains a set (minimum/maximum) level of water in a tank.

That level can be as low or as high in the tank as you need...letting you determine how much storage you want in reserve to catch the next inflow of rain.




  1. Designed to control the level of water in a Rainwater tank via a backup supply source.
  2. Adjustable water level.
  3. Allows maximum storage of rainwater.
  4. Watermark approved (Licence no 20368 to AS1910. SAI Global) for mains water connection.
  5. No electrical supply required.
  6. Patended design Australia and New Zealand.
  7. Simple to install.

Click here to download Apex RainAid PDF Brochure

Operating Principle

  • The RainAid valve is a variation on the float valve principle but uses a specially designed "weighted float".
  • A weighted float of neutral bouyancy is suspended on a cord set to the water level you wish to maintain.
  • The weighted float will be submerged during times of good rainfall and the valve will remain closed.
  • When storage levels reach the pre-set minimum the weight will open the valve and allow mains water to enter the tank until the water level has been restored to approx 30mm above the minimum, at which point the valve will close.
  • The area above the pre-set level is free to catch the next rainfall, untill then, the RainAid valve will ensure the water level in the tank does not drop below the level of the weight, ensuring a constant supply and protecting pumps from running dry.

Code: LTRA 20mm Valve
Price (each): $121.50

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