Zenox Hydrolic Rain/Mains Water Changeover System ZHR-800 
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Zenox Hydrolic Rain/Mains Water Changeover System ZHR-800


The Zenox ZHR-800 is an automatic Rain / Mains
changeover pump system allowing tank water to be
used for water supply in preference to mains water.
The Zenox ZHR-800 has a quality Italian made
electronic pressure controller which automatically
starts the pump when there is demand for water supply.
The pressure controller will only operate the pump if
tank water is available.
The Zenox ZHR-800 will automatically switch to mains
water when tank water is empty and in case of power
The Zenox ZHR-800 does not require an in-tank
float switch which makes the system quick and easy
to install.

Claiming a Home and Garden Rebate

There are separate claim forms to be filled out in order to apply for a rebate, depending on the water connection to your household.

Households connected to a reticulated urban water supply (such as mains water) and that receive a water bill from an urban water corporation should use the Reticulated water supply claim form (PDF 272 KB).

Households that are self supplied with water (for example tank water) that do not receive a water bill should use the Self-supplied water supply claim form (PDF 263 KB).



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