Tank to Toilet/Laundry Systems

Enter has a range of Tank to Toilet / Laundry systems on offer, by using your roof to collect rainwater in storage tanks which are connected to your Toilet(s) and or Laundry you can save up to 35% of drinkable mains water normally needed for these applications .
Each of our systems will preferentially select rainwater from the storage tank when available and reverts to mains water if the tank is empty or the electrical supply is interrupted, giving you security and a continuous water supply, rain or no rain.We suggest that proper filtration accessories are utilized to keep the rainwater clean especially for Laundry use. Contact us at enter to help you select the best product for your requirements.


MaxiSAVE Hydraulic Rains/Mains Controller & Pumps MHR SERIES

from $475.00

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Zenox Hydrolic Rain/Mains Water Changeover System ZHR-800


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Clay Tech CMS6A1 Auto Submersible Pump Water Management System


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Clay Tech CMS5A 1000wt Pump and water management system


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Clay Tech CMS7A 800wt Pump and Water management system


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GUYCO Apex Rain Aid Mains Tank Top Up Valve


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Melro Tank and Pump Package Toilet/L'Dry Mains Back up

from $80.00

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