Sustainability Assessments



Comprehensive Sustainability Assessments and Green Design Reports for new homes, additions, alterations and landscaping works.


What’s your requirement?

  1. Want to improve the efficiency and comfort of  your home? 
  2. Planning a renovation?  
  3. Designing or building a new home?
  4. Buying an existing home?
  5. Want to landscape your property?

Whatever the challenge, Go Green Design can help you achieve your sustainability goals. Go Green Design is a consulting business in partnership with enter and specialising in the provision of expert building sustainability advice.


What’s included in the assessment and report?

1.       Site Assessment 

  • Roof-space and subfloor inspection, where required
  • Energy usage analysis, including examination of bills
  • Site and building appraisal and overview of existing conditions 

2.       Green Design Report

  • A range of choices that have been prioritised
  • Clear recommendations to achieve desired outcomes
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions for implementation of recommendations
  • Achievable and realistic goals
  • Examination and explanation of our five Green Design Principles 
  • Critical and objective advice to make informed and wise decisions when taking the next step

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Why choose Go Green Design?

Go Green Design’s Founding Director, Kristian Hetyey, has consulted on over one thousand sustainable building projects and has been working on environmental sustainability within the design and construction sector for over 10 years. As a designer, green building consultant and assessor, he combines his architectural and landscape design expertise with practical construction experience, thermal performance assessment and on-site knowledge in order to provide a fully integrated and holistic range of expert services. 


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