Ampelite Natural Room Lite 
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Ampelite Natural "Room Lite"

Roof Lite 

Roomlite provides an effective, low cost solution to lighten up those dark areas of your home, and making them more usable and friendly. Now you can have natural light just where you need it.The tough acrylic dome and flexible light transmitting duct allows most installa­tions to be done without having to cut ceiling timbers. The Dome, Flashing and reinforced flexible Duct are pre-assembled. Easy to follow do-it-yourself instructions are provided, but if preferred, your reseller can arrange for professional installation at a moderate cost.The roof flashing is available in a range of Colorbond® colours to match your steel or tile roof.There is a Roomlite to suit any room in the home or office. The RM300 is ideal for bathrooms, walk-in robes and hallways. The larger RM400 and RM500 models suit living areas, kitchens, bedrooms or studies. You can also enjoy relief ventilation when choosing models RM400 and RM500 as they allow vented or non-vented fitting.FeaturesSizes
Available in 300mm, 400mm, and 500mm diameter.
Tough Acrylic Dome
The dome is moulded from high impact acrylic for long service. It is fitted to the flashing with a weatherproof gasket ensuring a water proof seal.
Flexible Duct
A highly efficient flexible, reflective duct, transmits light 'around the bend' to the diffuser.
Prismatic Ceiling Diffuser
Attractive prismatic diffuser with off-white trim. The Roomlite round prismatic lens provides optimum spread of light.
Flashing and Colours
The malleable aluminium flashing is easily shaped to suit tile or metal roofs and is available in a range of colours to match Colorbond® roofing.
Roomlite Kit Content
Pre-assembled Roof Dome/Flashing/Flexible Duct. 2 piece Ceiling Diffuser with Prismatic Lens.  (Venting components RM400 and RM500 only)
Light where you need it
Kitchens, Pantries Living areas Bathrooms Walk-in-Robes Hallways, Nurseries Laundries Bedrooms, Studies En-suites and Toilets Storerooms, Workshops
WarrantyAmpelite Australia Pty. Ltd. the manu­facturers and distributors of 'Roomlite ' warrant the product to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 5 years from date of purchase. The acrylic dome is also covered by warranty for 5 years against damage by hail up to 19 mm in diameter accompanied by winds up to 100 km/hr.To qualify for protection under this warranty the Roomlite unit must be installed in domestic premises and subjected only to normal domestic usage.If any components fail within the warranty period and are found defective they will be repaired or replaced at the manufacturer's option. The component must be returned freight pre-paid by the purchaser to the nearest Ampelite Australia Pty. Ltd. state office together with proof of purchase documentation.Failures caused by incorrect installation, accident, attempted repair, normal wear and tear are not covered by this warranty.  The manufacturer is not responsible for removal or re-installation costs, or any consequential damage.InstallationEASY D.I.Y. OR PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLEDFitting instructions are enclosed with the product. The acrylic dome is factory fitted with a simple, but reliable flashing surround that suits either tiled or steel clad roofs. The 300 mm dome can be installed without the need to cut rafters or battens. Installation of the 400 mm and 500 mm sizes is also simple, but you should seek advice from a qualified person if you decide to make structural changes. The reflective flexible duct is able to dodge around most obstructions and slips over the ceiling diffuser. Models RM400 and RM500 may be vented or non-vented. Professional fitting can be arranged. 

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Price (each):
300mm Mill Finish.  $150.00 
300mm Colourbond.  $167.00 
400mm Mill Finish.  $290.00 
500mm Mill Finish.  $347.00 

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Ampelite Natural "Room Lite" 
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