Power Point and Leakage Tester 
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Power Point and Leakage Tester


Test your power points using this versatile tester. It checks most types of power points within 230V to 240V range  for correct wiring and trip levels for earth leakage circuit breakers.  The combination of lights on the front panel identifies the following problems:
• No Earth connected
• No Neutral connected
• No Active connected
• Active and Neutral reversed
• Active and Earth Reversed

To determine ELCB trip levels simply slide the switch from 10mA up toward 100mA. All ELCB's should trip before 100mA. Switch positions are 10 mA,15 mA,30 mA and 100 mA

Code: QP2000

Warranty 1 Year
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Price (each): $19.95

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