Mains Timer with LCD 
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Mains Timer with LCD

Mains Timer with LCD

Mains timers have been common in households for many years but most are of low quality and lacking in features for more advanced timing. Our model is manufactured from quality components to provide long term reliable service and 100% electrically safety approved so you can use it with confidence. Featuring 8 on/off programmes across 16 combinations of days or blocks of days for unrivalled flexibility. In addition, there is a random function which will turn devices on and off at unspecified times of the day and a one touch "summertime" button to easily convert to daylight saving time when it arrives.

Internally this unit has a switching contact rated at 30 Amps, not 10 Amps like the cheap ones from the hardware store. While you cannot connect a load exceeding 10 Amps to this unit, it does allow you to use with electrical items with high start-ups like HID lighting ballasts which destroy the cheap units.

Great for indoor gardening, hydroponics, security lighting and much more.

* Voltage: 220-240VAC 50Hz
* 30 Amp Internal Switching Contact
* Max Load: 10A, 2400W
* Operating Temperature: -10 ~ +40 degrees C
* 12 or 24 hour operating modes
* Min Setting Time: 1 minute
* Accuracy: +/- 1 minute per month
* Battery Backup: Ni-MH 1.2V providing > 100 hours

Code: MS-6110

Warranty 1 Year
Price (each): $25.95

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