4 Outlet Remote Control Powerboard 
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4 Outlet Remote Control Powerboard

4 Outlet Remote Control Powerboard

Eliminate power waste from standby power and control up to 4 mains appliances individually. Simply plug them into the powerboard as normal, then use the remote to turn each device on or off. This makes it much easier to turn off devices like hi-fi or home theatre components as they tend to be inaccessible and behind cabinets. It will also save you money on your power bill. Each remote is coded to avoid interference.

• One-touch synchronisation
• Overload circuit-breaker protection
• Surge and spike protection
• LED power indicator
• Each outlet switched individually


Control frequency:433.92MHz
• Range: 50m
• Load rating: 10A, 2400W

Code: MS-6150
Price (each): $59.95

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